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Memorial gifts both support the work of Christ Church and provide a way of honoring friends, family and life’s significant moments.

Each memorial gift will be recorded in a remembrance book, added to volumes of others spanning our nearly 170 year history. They will live on as a written history of faithfulness, friendship and hope. We invite you to become part of this beautiful legacy by supporting the mission and ministry of the Christ Church through a memorial gift today.


Use the form below to choose the type of tribute, and list the name of the individual(s) you wish to honor. If you check the box to receive communication regarding this gift, you may enter a mailing address for your honoree or their family, and they will receive a card from the Vestry of Christ Church sharing your generosity.

For those looking for information regarding a funeral or memorial service at Christ Church, please contact the church office by email or by phone at (845) 758 1591, opt. 2

Honor your loved ones on special occasions or holidays with an honorarium or memorial gift to Christ Church.  Giving gifts, in memory of loved ones who have died, persons we wish to honor, and for any other reason, is a wonderful way to ensure that the heritage of Christ Church and its outreach work will continue. Those honored and the families of those remembered will be notified of your gift. 


Checks may be sent to Christ Church of Red Hook, 7423 S. Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571, with a note indicating the names of those being honored or remembered. Please include your name, address, telephone number and information for anyone else you wish to be notified.

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